Emergency and disaster response teams require seamless communication channels to plan, prepare and execute their operations. Unfortunately, during these emergencies wireless infrastructure is often significantly compromised, and any remaining bandwidth is often flooded by users. First responders required a solution to ensure dedicated, secure, and reliable communications once they arrive on-scene; a solution that would continue to work in various environmental scenarios.


Building on Tungsten’s years of experience designing rugged military equipment, the DART™ was designed to meet strict size, weight, and power requirements. To ensure uncompromised performance in any environment, extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations were conducted to evaluate the thermal performance of the system. Tungsten also developed a brand identity that could be tailored to the unique deployment environments that the DART™ is designed for; from disaster response to military applications.


DART™ consists of all the essential components required to create an edge-centric LTE network in less than 3 minutes just by powering on. The DART™ enclosure is adaptable to the various requirements of first responders and can be installed at fixed base station or can be backpack mounted as a mobile solution. The system is designed to manage thermal loads in a wide range of environments.