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Cellular Geolocation Drone Payload

Industrial Design, Electrical Design, Mechanical Design, Software Design

How do you fit a high-tech, high-value payload inside a cramped and confined drone?


Drone payloads come with very exacting size, weight, and power requirements. Not only do they have to fit inside tight, constrained spaces, the lower their weight and power consumption, the longer you can keep a drone in the air and on mission.


Payload integration is all about collaboration: the drone sets the overall constraints, while the technology deployed is often under the purview of a third party. To bridge the gap between payload and drone, Tungsten’s multidisciplinary team was able translate all the payload requirements and drone constraints into a defined set of specifications. Our team worked on the mechanical, electrical, and software aspects of the design to allow seamless third-party payload integration to enhance drone missions across sectors.


The ECHO is a next-generation payload with applications in search and rescue, surveillance, intelligence gathering, and tracking and geolocation.

"Tungsten Collaborative has been an invaluable part of the team. Onwards and upwards!" – Eric Karmouch, Technical Co-Founder & CTO