• Military

EOD 10

Next Generation Bombsuit

User Research, Human Factors, Mechanical Design

Bomb disposal teams have enough to worry about, so how do you design suits that let them focus on their jobs? You listen to the experts, innovate with usability, and make zero sacrifices to personal protection.


Military product development is a difficult task with a lot on the line. It’s imperative that bomb disposal personnel be protected, and their gear has to let them focus on the difficult tasks at hand. If operator efficiency is improved, task success is too. In cases like these, user experience is everything.


Working as an extension of the client’s in-house engineering team, we challenged all aspects of human factors engineering and usability. By collaborating with subject matter experts, we prioritized important requirements to ensure a successful outcome.

With a thorough development and testing process, we relentlessly pursued the goal of ultimate user experience, and we made zero sacrifices to personal protection. Details around suit donning, weight management, body cooling, and operational task efficiency were introduced, refined, and closely integrated.


The EOD®10 bomb suit is a new gold standard for blast protection, ergonomic design, and technical capabilities. The suit and helmet ensemble give EOD operators superior balanced protection against the four main blast threats: overpressure, fragmentation, impact, and heat.

The EOD®10 has been selected as the bomb suit of choice by all four main branches of the U.S. military to protect their EOD teams, and it’s also been procured by military and public safety agencies in 28 countries. It’s currently in service around the world.