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Ring Rescue Ring Cutter

Stuck Ring Removal

Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, Electrical Design, Software Design, High Volume Manufacturing Design

Sometimes, medical emergencies dictate that a ring must be cut.


We had already worked with Ring Rescue to develop and manufacture a non-destructive ring removal tool.  Sometimes, the compression device cannot be used, for medical, or emergency reasons, or simply because it has failed.  In these cases, the ring must be cut to be removed.  Existing ring cutting products are clunky, ineffective, and in many cases downright dangerous to both the user, and the wearer of the ring.  The cutting of the ring needed to be a safe, controllable process, that would work on any size ring, in any material.


Ring Rescue approached us with an initial concept of the device, and we worked very closely with their engineering, sales, and marketing team to hit the mark.  Ring Rescue provided a proprietary thin cutting wheel, and experimentally proven cutting parameters to Tungsten’s team, who developed a hardware and software solution to the problem.  With a primary focus on user experience, Tungsten’s industrial design and mechanical team worked with Ring Rescue’s product management team to create a simple, effective, and repeatable user interface, and brand cohesive styling.  We worked closely to develop the physical, electrical, and software designs for multiple rounds of prototyping, and assembly.


The close collaboration between teams resulted in the world’s only FDA cleared ring cutter. Ring Rescue is changing the standard of care, and addressing a medical problem that affects 100,000 people monthly in North America.

“Tungsten provided creative insight and manufacturing expertise that was essential for our Ring Rescue product development. Thanks, Tungsten!” – Dr. Kevin Spencer, MD, PEng, President & Co-Founder, Ring Rescue