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Ring Rescue Compression Device

Non-Destructive Ring Removal

Mechanical Design, Industrial Design, Packaging Design, Supply Chain Management

How do you remove a stuck ring without damaging it or the finger it adorns?


Sometimes, our fingers outgrow our rings, and the jewelry winds up stuck. Soap and other lubricants don’t always do the trick, and jewelers and even doctors generally have to resort to means that damage rings and risk further harm to fingers. Our client’s idea was to develop a product that keeps important mementos, heirlooms, and appendages safe and undamaged.


Ring Rescue approached us with a great medical product development idea and a prototype built from off-the-shelf and 3D-printed components. They wanted us to undertake an independent and unbiased review and develop their idea into a polished and consumer-ready product.

We assessed the existing product for cleanliness, usability, reliability, cost, manufacturability, and user interaction. We then reported our findings and brainstormed a number of solutions, eventually coming up with a series of prototypes that Ring Rescue’s Dr. Kevin Spencer, an ER physician, was able to test in a clinical setting, which accelerated development.

When it came time to manufacture the final product, we marshalled our supply chain management experience and tapped into our long-standing relationships with trusted manufacturers.


Success came early in the process when we provided a tradeshow prototype that was so impactful, it led to Ring Rescue’s first production-scale orders. The final design is simple and easy to use, requires no fasteners, and met Ring Rescue’s cost targets. The final product includes a user manual, custom-molded components, and custom-made cases.

“Tungsten provided creative insight and manufacturing expertise that was essential for our Ring Rescue product development. Thanks, Tungsten!” – Dr. Kevin Spencer, MD, PEng, President & Co-Founder, Ring Rescue