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Automated Mobile Indoor Cleaning System

Mechanical Design, Hardware Design, User Experience, Software Design

How do you get a health and safety product quickly to market in the middle of a pandemic?


Tungsten responded to an urgent need for better solutions during the COVID19 pandemic. Rapidly clean high-traffic indoor environments and reduce the burden of manual cleaning. Sanicloud approached Tungsten with a novel way of dispersing cleaning agents in a closed space. After developing a functional prototype, they needed help commercializing their idea. The challenge was to get a safe and reliable working system into users’ hands as quickly as possible.


Drawing on our collective knowledge, we identified the simplest approach for the pneumatic system, removing complexity without affecting performance. After a rapid round of concept generation, we quickly found a path to getting a minimum viable product into the hands of the people who urgently needed it.

Sourcing and procurement were huge hurdles in getting this product quickly to market, and our team jumped them with ease. We reviewed each component to ensure it could be acquired quickly and on budget, and we chose manufacturing partners who could meet short lead times while maintaining strict quality requirements.


Working with just two months to project kickoff, Tungsten delivered Sanicloud its first set of systems, and they were immediately deployed to medical clinics across Ontario.

"When we approached Tungsten Collaborative in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic we needed a partner who could move fast. Not only was Tungsten able to provide a elegant design in record time but they also setup our supply chain so we could get units into the hands of customers as quickly as possible." - Pierre Guillemette, Chief Technology Officer