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Interactive Aquarium Ornament

Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, Hardware Design, Electrical Design

Aerating your fish tank can be pretty boring, so how do you add visual appeal to a necessary feature?


Our client needed help with a unique design idea: using air from a fish tank’s pump to breathe life into silicone sea flowers. The challenge was to very delicately control and balance the airflow through each component in order to get a seamless and lifelike motion from each flower.


Using multicoloured silicone flowers, we marshalled our hardware development and electronic design services to develop a controlled airflow system to mimic the movement of sea urchins and anemones, repurposing pump bubbles in a fun new way. At the heart of the system is the patented AquaMotion Technology Controller. We developed it from start to finish, including printed circuit board design, microcontroller integration, and programming.

SeaFlowers are modular and easily interchangeable with an extensive line of ornaments, meaning you can change the look of your tank in a snap. We also incorporated LED lights for even more visual appeal.

Once the product was designed, we engaged in all aspects of branding, from logo development and packaging design to product road mapping.


The AquaMotion Technology Controller makes the SeaFlowers undulate with lifelike movements that deliver a whole new level of visual interest to any fish tank. Unsurprisingly, the product is now in mass production.