Tungsten’s methodology provides a HUMAN-CENTRIC approach to design. Through analysis and brainstorming, we explore a broad range of ideas and "think outside the box" to identify new solutions that help drive your business forward. Explorations are then tested, evaluated and consolidated into a single product definition for our talented design team to take forward.


From concepts to prototypes and testing, our MULTIDISCIPLINARY design team collaborates with you to consider the design from all perspectives. Marketing, technology adoption, engineering, manufacturing, verification and testing are all considered early on in the development process to ensure the product will work as expected and meet all required business targets. We strive to design world class products that accelerate our customers’ business.


Experience and expertise in transitioning to FULL PRODUCTION is critical to your success. With our well-established international supply chain and global network of manufacturing partners and suppliers, we can provide the support you need to successfuly transfer the design to manufacturing anywhere in the world and help bring your product to market. We also offer branding and packaging services to position and customize the launch of your new product.