Great things happen when many heads come together! The IMAGINE IT phase of our process is all about getting to know you and understanding your values and objectives. What ideas and concepts excite you? What are your end-user’s priorities? Where does the product fit into your overall brand strategy? We take great care in understanding these concepts to ensure a consistent vision, an original and innovative product, and a solid plan to move forward. Drawing on over 100 years of combined Industrial Design and Engineering experience, our team has the insight and know-how to help bring your imagination to life.


The DESIGN IT phase in our process is where we start to bring your ideas to life. From your first Eureka moment all the way to prototyping we work with you to ensure you love your new design. All ideas are considered through brainstorming sessions; concepts are evolved from sketches to prototypes, and prototypes are tested. Our multidisciplinary team ensures that your product design takes all factors into account. We pride ourselves in our nerdiness; our experienced team of mechanical designers has a full suite of analysis tools (CFD, FEA, Thermal Analysis) at our disposal to ensure a great result.


The MAKE IT HAPPEN phase is all about getting the product into your customers’ hands. We leverage our vast global network of manufacturing partners and suppliers to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations. From R&D prototyping to mass production, our well-established international supply chain ensures maximum efficiencies in building your final product and successfully bringing it to market. Need assistance with branding and packaging? We can help with that too! Our extensive experience in go-to-market strategies and product roll-out will ensure a successful launch of your new product.