“Tungsten provided creative insight and manufacturing expertise that was essential for our Ring Rescue product development. Thanks Tungsten!” - Dr. Kevin Spencer, MD, P.Eng, President & Co-Founder, Ring Rescue

Stuck rings are a problem commonly seen by jewelry stores and, in more severe cases, emergency rooms. In both cases when attempts to remove the ring with soap or other lubrication fail these rings often have to be cut off. Ring Rescue approached Tungsten with an innovative concept to solve this problem: a way to remove a ring without the need to physically cut it, while keeping the finger safe from further harm.

Ring Rescue’s initial concept design was created using off-the-shelf and 3D printed components. Looking for support to transform this initial concept into a polished consumer ready finished product Tungsten Collaborative was engaged to carry out an independent, unbiased concept design review of the device as it existed.

Tungsten evaluated all aspects of the preliminary design including cleanliness, usability, manufacturability, user interaction, reliability, and cost. We then provided a report of our findings and conducted parallel brainstorming sessions to provide suggestions surrounding potential design solutions to the many opportunities that materialized during the initial evaluation.

“Tungsten Collaborative has been instrumental to the final design and commercialization of our product. We approached them with a prototype, and they ran with it.” - Patrick Hennessey, CTO & Co-Founder, Ring Rescue

Tungsten worked closely with the team at Ring Rescue through several prototype iterations. Ring Rescue’s co-founder, ER physician Dr. Kevin Spencer, was able to test the various prototype iterations in the clinical setting. Through this product feedback Tungsten was able to rapidly progress the design of the device through each prototype. Tungsten also provided production quality functional prototypes for Ring Rescue to use at tradeshows, where they successfully secured their first production-scale orders. The product was an instant hit!

Tungsten’s proven design process resulted in an approachable, clean product that improved upon the performance of the initial proof of concept. The new design, which is simple to assemble without any fasteners, was also ready for mass manufacturing and met Ring Rescue’s cost targets.

The final release to full-scale manufacturing was accelerated by leveraging Tungsten’s supply chain management experience and our established relationships with trusted manufacturers – a common slipping point in many new product ventures. This allowed Ring Rescue to seamlessly transition from a working prototype to a full-scale manufactured product; user manuals, custom molded components, and custom-made cases were all a part of this collaboration.

By engaging Tungsten Collaborative’s support Ring Rescue was free to focus on another critical part of their business – successfully bringing their innovative product idea to market.