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Thanks to our deep expertise in industrial, mechanical, hardware, and software design, your new product will be a huge hit. Our services include the complete package, from ideation to development, prototyping to manufacturing. Our multidisciplinary team will support you in every aspect of product development. Need help with overall branding and packaging? We do that too.

And don’t worry. We understand complex processes like microfluidics and opto-mechanical design, so you don’t have to. But don’t let that stop you from asking questions – true collaboration is all about exchanging knowledge. We also have experience with and access to a full suite of computational analysis tools to ensure your product will continue to function in all ranges of harsh conditions and environments through CFD and FEA simulations.

Industrial Design

We pay close attention to the interplay between form and function, and we keep an eye on the bigger picture so you understand how your product fits into your organization or brand ecosystem.

We focus on how systems work in actual practice, which leads to intuitive user experiences, and we keep you in the loop with informative technical illustrations, photorealistic renderings, and exciting product graphics.

Here’s a bit more of what you can expect:

  • Ideation and concept creation
  • Insightful product research
  • Meaning full aesthetics and stylizing
  • Cutting edge human-machine interfaces
  • Attractive and sustainable packaging
Tungsten Industrial Design


From deploying state of the art analytical tools to transforming your sketch into a product that can be manufactured in large quantities, our mechanical design team will make your product work better than imagined.

To ensure your product performs as expected, we use complex analytical tools like computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis. Our methodical approach, careful attention to detail, and deep understanding of manufacturing techniques ensures a seamless handoff to manufacturing. Whether you need a ruggedized design for military applications or something that can be mass produced for consumers, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a bit more of what you can expect:

  • Functional prototypes
  • Field-proven designs
  • Patentable processes
  • CFD and FEA
  • Designs ready for injection molding
  • Complex sheet metal assemblies
Mechanical Design Services


From system architecture and component selection to schematic capture and layout, our hardware design team can handle every aspect of your product’s electrical design. They also collaborate closely with the rest of the Tungsten team to ensure the seamless integration of all your product’s electronics. Finally, they ensure your product complies with all the relevant regulations and standards by following best practice design rules, conducting compliance reviews, and supporting you through the certification process.

Here’s a bit more of what you can expect:

  • Innovative hardware development and sensor integration
  • Automation and robotics
  • Printed circuit board assembly fabrication and testing
  • Reliable wireless communications (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular, and GPS)
  • Internet of things integration
Tungsten Hardware Design Services

Software Design

From complex satellite-tracking algorithms to precise microfluidic control systems and from application development to embedded system firmware, our software design team can handle all your product’s challenges, big and small. They’re engaged in the process from the outset, ensuring the seamless integration of your product’s physical and digital facets. They carefully plan and design UX and UI to ensure your product’s digital facets are intuitive and support your product’s overall brand identity.

Here’s a bit more of what you can expect:

  • Excellent UX and UI
  • Firmware development
  • Microcontroller and microprocessor programming
  • Automation integration
  • Front- and back-end development
Tungsten Software Design Services


Wherever you are in your manufacturing journey, we can help. Our expertise extends from prototypes and minimum viable products all the way to mass production. Thanks to our well-developed supply chain and manufacturing relationships, we can connect you with standard and custom parts. We can provide high-quality CNC parts and can also offer detailed 3D printing, vacuum casting, injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, and die casting. Based on your business plan and intended market, we recommend processes and vendors that meet your desired volume and cost targets.

Here’s a bit more of what you can expect:

  • Trustworthy planning, vendor selection, and quality assurance
  • Careful prototyping
  • Gorgeous finishing, painting, and coating
  • Experienced supply chain management
  • Attractive and sustainable packaging
Tungsten Prototyping Services


Our design approach is deeply informed by your project’s manufacturing strategy, budget, and timeline. We tap into our reliable logistics network, which extends to offshore environments, and our expertise in supply chain management ensures you’re never short of what you need. When we engage in a project, we set you up for success.

Here’s a bit more of what you can expect:

  • Detailed planning, scheduling, and budgeting
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Experienced new-product introduction programs
  • Full certification support (UL, CSA International, CE, IEC)
  • Full consumer protection certification
Tungsten Project Management Services


How does your product reflect your brand? How does it fit into your overall product line? And how will your product line evolve? Not sure? Don’t worry. We’ll help you develop your brand strategy with confidence.

Here’s a bit of what you can expect:

  • Collaborative brand design, creation, and identity
  • Iterative logo development
  • Intellectual property development
  • Attractive package design
  • Supply chain management support
Tungsten Brand Strategy Services

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